Ascend Part 135 Pathways
Flying for Alaska Airlines

Part 135 Pathways


When you fly for one of Horizon Air’s partner Part 135 operators, you will have the opportunity to interview with Horizon while you’re still accumulating the required hours for your ATP certification. Once you serve your commitment to the operator and meet our qualifications, you’ll be assigned a class date to start with us. Like any new Horizon pilot, you’ll receive your seniority number when you start class.

Part 135 Pathways

We’re excited to announce that we’ve signed an agreement with Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines to create our first pilot pathway program from a Part 135 operator to Horizon Air. Cape Air operates scheduled passenger services in the Northeast, Caribbean, Midwest, and Eastern Montana. Flights between Hyannis and Nantucket, Massachusetts, are operated under the Nantucket Airlines brand.

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