Pilot Pathways Program
Flying for Horizon Air

Pilot Pathways Program

Expand your horizons

As a Horizon pilot in the Pathways Program, you’ll receive preferential consideration when you’re ready to move to Alaska. But you’ll get even more. You’ll make close connections with our Alaska team and have an insider’s view of how we are creating an airline people love.

How it works

  • Be a current Horizon pilot in good standing
  • Log at least 50 hours of Horizon flight time in the last 12 months
  • Hold a first-class medical
  • After your first recurrent is complete, apply for the Pathways program
  • Receive an interview with the Alaska Pilot Hiring Team
  • Successful candidates are added to the Pathways pool based on their Horizon pilot seniority
  • Continue to successfully fly for Horizon
  • To transfer to Alaska Airlines, a pilot will need to accumulate:
    • 1000 hours of Horizon E175 PIC time with 2,000 total Horizon Air hours, or
    • 850 hours of Horizon Q400 PIC time with 1,850 total Horizon Air hours
      • PIC and total time requirements are based on aircraft you are flying at the time of your Alaska class date